D.Module2 Embedded DSP & FPGA Boards
The very latest in high performance embedded DSP platforms for commercial and industrial use, employing single and multi-core DSP processors from TI and Analog Devices. Optional support for Xilinx FPGAs, industry-standard communications (e.g. Gigabit Ethernet), and extensive peripheral and I/O capabilities.

  • ARM9 & Cortex SoM Solutions
  • CAN Bus Infrastructure
  • D.Module2 DSP & FPGA Boards
  • micro-line DSP/FPGA Boards
  • ultra-compact multi-chip modules
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ARM9 and Cortex SoM Solutions
ARM9 and Cortex SoM CPU modules for industrial, automotive, marine, and many other markets, with supporting ecosystem of carrier boards and open frames.

CAN Bus Networking & Infrastructure
CAN Bus Networking components and infrastructure, including PC interfaces & adapters, repeaters, I/O devices, gateways, fiber optics, and programmable embedded computing solutions

micro-line Embedded DSP / FPGA Boards
Established, cost engineered DSP/FPGA boards for commercial and industrial applications. Programmable TMS320C6713 or TMS320C641x DSP and Xilinx FPGA, with support for IEEE 1394a FireWire.

ultra-compact Multi-chip Modules
Ready-to-use IEEE 1394 FireWire, programmable DSP and FPGA in a tiny 30x36mm package. Programming of DSP and FPGA not required for FireWire connectivity applications.

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