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Enabling Technology

For Real Time Applications

CAN Bus Networking & Infrastructure
Extensive range of CAN Bus networking resources, including PC interfaces & adapters, repeaters, I/O devices, gateways, routers, fiber optics, and supporting software solutions.

D.Module2 Embedded DSP & FPGA Boards
Embedded DSP boards for commercial and industrial use, employing single and multi-core DSP processors from TI and Analog Devices. Industry-standard communications, extensive peripheral and I/O capabilities, and optional Xilinx FPGA support.

  • CAN Bus Networking & Infrastructure
  • D.Module2 DSP & FPGA Boards
  • Legacy micro-line DSP/FPGA Boards
  • Legacy ultra-compact multi-chip modules
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Legacy Products

Established products with extended availability for our long-term commercial customers, but not recommended for new designs...

micro-line Embedded DSP / FPGA Boards
Programmable TMS320C6713 or TMS320C641x DSP, Xilinx FPGA, with support for 1394a FireWire.

ultra-compact Multi-chip Modules
Ready-to-use IEEE 1394 FireWire, programmable DSP and FPGA in a tiny 30x36mm package.