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For Real Time Applications

ARM9 and Cortex System on Module Solutions
SoM CPU modules for commerical, industrial, and consumer markets, with supporting ecosystem of carrier boards and open frames.

CAN Bus Networking & Infrastructure
Extensive range of CAN Bus networking resources, including PC interfaces & adapters, repeaters, I/O devices, gateways, routers, and fiber optics, and supporting software solutions.

D.Module2 Embedded DSP & FPGA Boards
Embedded DSP boards for commercial and industrial use, employing single and multi-core DSP processors from TI and Analog Devices. Industry-standard communications, extensive peripheral and I/O capabilities, and optional Xilinx FPGA support.

  • ARM9 & Cortex SoM Solutions
  • microGEA SoM Module Solutions
  • D.Module2 DSP & FPGA Boards
  • CAN Networking & Infrastructure
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Legacy Products

Established products with extended availability for our long-term commercial customers, but not recommended for new designs...

micro-line Embedded DSP / FPGA Boards
Programmable TMS320C6713 or TMS320C641x DSP, Xilinx FPGA, with support for 1394a FireWire.