CAN Bus Products & Services

Traquair offers an extensive range of CAN and CAN FD products and services for the industrial and automotive markets. From off-the-shelf PC interfaces and networking infrastructure, to device and system level solutions, Traquair is able to satisfy almost all CAN related requirements.

Select from a wide range of CAN PC interfaces & adapters, networking infrastructure, network monitoring, and bus analysis tools:

Discrete Analog & Digital Interfacing

Analog & Digital CAN IO Module

The CIO is a versatile I/O module for the CAN bus. Designed for industrial series applications it has a robust and cost efficient layout, and supports 8 digital 24V/500mA output and 8 analog input channels as well as options for PWM.

Multi-Function Data Acquisition

UniaDAQ multi-function data acquisition board level system

UniDAQ Multi-Function Data Acquisition boards can be optionally integrated with CAN and include a high-performance floating-point DSP for local data processing – enabling completely self-contained operation and the potential to relieve CAN networked resources real-time tasks associated with high bandwidth multi-channel analog data streams.

CAN over Ethernet

CAN / Ethernet Gateways
CAN / Ethernet
CAN / Ethernet / CAN Bridging
CAN / Ethernet / CAN

Gateways for connecting with and extending networks over Ethernet

CAN over Fiber

CTrans OL CAN Bus Fiber Optic Transceiver

Protocol transparent fiber optic transceivers for extending CAN networks

CAN Gateways

CAN / Ethernet
CAN / Ethernet / CAN

Gateways for connecting with, extending and interconnecting CAN networks

CAN Monitoring & Analysis

CPC CAN Bus Framework for Windows & Linux with proCANtool CAN Monitor
CAN Run-time Kit for Windows

A variety of software tools that can be used in conjunction with the CPC series of CAN Bus PC interfaces and adapters for network monitoring and analysis:

  • proCANtool CAN-Monitor
  • CANopen Device Explorer

CAN PC Interfaces & Adapters

CAN Bus PC Interfaces

The CPC range of CAN bus PC interface products provide system developers with extensive PCI Express, USB and Ethernet PC integration options and interfacing capabilities. Windows and Linux are supported, as well as options for CANopen and J1939 Higher Layer Protocols.

CAN Repeaters

2-Channel Repeater Basic Function
CAN Repeaters
4-Channel Repeater Basic Function
CAN Repeaters
8-channel Cascading CAN Repeater
Cascading CAN Repeaters

Protocol transparent Repeaters for extending CAN networks.
Configurations supporting 2, 4, 8, 16, and 24-channels.

CAN FD USB Adapter

The CPC-USB/FD provides USB to CAN FD interfacing and a robust metal housing.

CAN FD USB Adapter
CAN FD USB Adapter

The CPC-USB/FDe provides USB to CAN FD interfacing for embedded / industrial PCs.

CANopen Software

CANopen and CANopen FD stacks with options for Basic Master, Master/Slave, and Manager functionality, CANopen Gateways, Multi-Protocol Stacks, and a variety of CANopen toolchain options for development and analysis.

emotas CANopen Stack Concept
emotas CANopen Stack

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements and advise on the most appropriate options.

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