CAN Analog & Digital I/O

Discrete Analog & Digital Interfaces

Analog & Digital CAN IO Module
CIO Analog & Digital Interface

The CIO is a versatile I/O module for the CAN bus. Designed for industrial series applications it has a robust and cost-efficient layout and supports 8 digital 24V/500mA output and 8 analog input channels. Learn more about the CIO…

Multi-Function Data Acquisition

UniaDAQ multi-function data acquisition board level system
UniDAQ Data Acquisition Solutions

UniDAQ Multi-Function Data Acquisition boards can be optionally integrated with CAN and include a high-performance floating-point DSP for local data processing – enabling completely self-contained operation and the potential to relieve CAN networked resources real-time tasks associated with high bandwidth multi-channel analog data streams. Learn more about UNIDAQ…

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