CAN over Ethernet

The EtherCAN CI-ARM9/RMD V3.0 is a powerful rail-mounting Ethernet Interface & Gateway for CAN bus applications. Powered by a 454 MHz ARM9 processor (Freescale I.MX287) with 2GB eMMC Flash and 128MB DDR RAM this gateway is capable of addressing complex, application specific requirements.

It is suitable for applications where processing of CAN Bus messages in the Ethernet gateway is needed, including, for example, visualization of CAN messages via web server, and complex protocol conversion. The 454MHz Freescale ARM9 CPU provides significant power for such applications. Higher Layer Protocol support is optionally available, including CANopen and multi-protocol stacks, and ready to use CANopen to TCP/IP gateway.

The EtherCAN CI-ARM9/RMD is pre-configured to provide PC based (Ethernet) network clients with ready to use access to connected CAN resources:

EtherCAN with Cansrv CAN Bus TCPIP Gateway

CAN/Ethernet/CAN Bridging is also supported, allowing communication between separate CAN networks via Ethernet.

EtherCAN CAN Bus Gateways used back to back
CAN Bus Ethernet Bridging

Optional EtherCAN Software Development

Software applications can be cross-compiled for the EtherCAN CI-ARM9/RMD from a Linux based PC, with the option to use SocketCAN or the CPC-API for the CAN interfaces.

EtherCAN CAN Bus Ethernet Gateway with User Developed Application
User Application running on EtherCAN Ci-ARM9/RMD

Underlying EtherCAN features and capabilities accessible to software developers include:

  • 454 MHz ARM9 CPU (Freescale I.MX287)
  • 128MB SDRAM
  • 2GB eMCC Flash
  • 10/100MBit Ethernet
  • 2 CAN interfaces with galvanic decoupling
  • RS232 interface for configuration
  • USB Host interface
  • SD-Card slot

If you are interested in developing your own CAN software application for the EtherCAN CI-ARM9/RMD, we will be happy to provide you with information for getting started.

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