CAN Repeaters

CAN repeaters are transceiver based devices that allow CAN networks to be extended by regenerating the CAN bus signals. They are particularly useful in establishing more advanced network topologies, stub-lines, trees, and stars being examples, with a view to increasing flexibility and reducing the size and cost of a CAN system.

2-Channel Repeater Basic Function
CAN Repeaters
4-Channel Repeater Basic Function
CAN Repeaters
8-channel Cascading CAN Repeater
Cascading CAN Repeaters

Standard features

  • Protocol transparency
    – Works with higher layer protocols
  • Low propagation delay
  • Shutdown of erroneous bus segments
  • Choice of Baud Rate:
    – 10, 20, 50, 125, or 250/500kBaud
  • Rail Mountable
  • FCC Class A Verified
  • Backed by 25+ years CAN expertise

The CRep N 2-channel CAN Repeater transmits and amplifies CAN signals transparent to the CAN protocol.

  • 2-channel CAN repeater
  • Non-isolated
  • Terminal block with clamps

The CRep Opto 2-channel CAN Bus Repeater provides a galvanically isolating equivalent to the CRep N.

  • 2-channel CAN repeater
  • Galvanic separation of CAN segments
  • Single or dual 12-24V power supply
Line & Tree Topologies using 2-ch CAN Repeaters
Line & Tree Topologies using 2-ch CAN Repeaters
4-Channel Repeater Basic Function
4-Channel CAN Repeater
Basic Function

The CRep S4 4-channel CAN Repeater transmits and amplifies signals transparent to the CAN protocol. Each of the four CAN connections has the physical behavior of a single bus node. CRep S4 permits a flexible design of the network topology and offers special support for star structured networks.

  • 4-channel CAN repeater
  • Non-isolated
  • 24V power supply
Star Topology with 4-Channel CAN Repeater
Star Topology with 4-Channel CAN Repeater
8-channel Cascading CAN Repeater
Cascading 8-Channel
CAN Repeater

The Crep S8C is a modular and cascading 8-channel CAN repeater which provides support for even more complex topologies, capable of accommodating up to 24-channels with low latency. Originally developed to support factory environments in the paper industry, Traquair now offers this either as an off the shelf product, or as a semi-custom mezzanine module (tailored to customer / application specific requirements).

  • 8-channel cascading CAN repeater
  • Support for to 24-channels (with low latency)
  • Non-isolated
  • 24V power supply

CAN Requirements Beyond Repeaters?

These products are part of an extensive range of PC interfaces & adapters, repeatersgatewaysfiberoptic transceivers, and distributed I/O interface products for CAN. Together, the entire CAN product range provides developers with a compressive toolkit for implementing a diverse range of CAN system capabilities.

Design Services

If off the shelf turns out to be not enough, we’re happy to discuss that also.

Capabilities include:

  • Custom & IP rated enclosures
  • Rapid-prototyping of enclosure designs (3D-printing)
  • Conformal coating
  • Application specific hardware designs
  • Higher layer protocol design / integration
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