proCANtool CAN-Monitor

CAN Monitoring Software Suite

ProCANtool CAN-Monitor is a versatile monitoring suite to visualize and manipulate CAN messages on a CAN bus system from a host PC environment, with options for connecting to CAN resources via PCI express, USB, or Ethernet.

CAN Run-time Kit for Windows


  • View and analyze messages on the CAN bus, including history view of most recent messages
  • Send custom messages directly or via message scripts or trace files.
  • Show available messages as a continued list or as object view.
  • Configurable object view to listen for changes on identifier, length, frame format, frame type and direction or on single or multiple data bytes of the message.
  • “Per view” and “Global” message filtering, allowing for different filters views.
  • SJA1000 controller hardware filters (can set separately to software filters).
  • Information area for current bus load, message counters and error counters.
  • CAN traffic log file support, with ability to start and stop trace by a definable trigger condition and save preceding or subsequent messages.
  • Trace file replay
  • Define messages and signals and show values in a configurable signal overview, with a variety of display options: Angular Meter, Level Meter, State-Items, Static text widgets, Enumeration-Controls and simple Value-Displays and even Sliders, Buttons and Drop downs to modify and re-send the values on the bus.

Its Free!

proCANtool CAN-Monitor is available free of charge with the purchase of any of the following CAN PC interface products, as included in the Windows Run-Time Kit and the Windows & Linux Development Kits.

CPC CAN Bus Framework for Windows & Linux with proCANtool CAN Monitor

Looking for something else?

For CANopen or J1939 higher layer protocol message interpretation requirements, please consider the CANopen Device Explorer.

Otherwise, If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements and advise on the most appropriate off

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