Fiberoptic Interfaces

Several technical improvements can be obtained by optical transmission of CAN signals, such as secure separation of high voltages and insensitivity to electromagnetic interference (EMI). 

As with repeaters, they can also be used to extend CAN bus network topologies, to support star and tree structures.

CAN-LWL CG-FL Fiber Optic Router
CTrans OL CAN Bus Fiber Optic Interface

CAN Fiberoptic Interface Products

Product Description CAN Segments Features
CTrans OL CAN Fiber Optic Transceiver
with Error Suppression
2 x CAN
- when used with a pair of CTrans OL transceivers
Galvanic Isolation
Rail Mounting
Fiber length up to 3km
DSub-9 plugs (copper)
ST connectors (fiber)
CAN-LWL-Router CG FL CAN Fiber Optic Router 2 x CAN
- when used with a pair of CAN-LWL-Routers
Galvanic Isolation
Fiber length up to 4km
DSub-9 plugs (copper)
ST connectors (fiber)