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Networking & Infrastructure

Traquair offers an extensive range of CAN Bus products and capabilities, in partnership with with EMS Dr. Thomas Wünsche, a veteran of the CAN Bus industry. Since 1993, EMS Dr. Thomas Wünsche has developed CAN based automation solutions and supplied projects around the world. Encompassing PC interfaces, converters, repeaters, gateways and routers, almost all customer CAN bus requirements can be accommodated.

  • CAN Bus Networking & Infrastructure
  • CAN Bus PC Interfaces & Adapters
  • Windows & Linux Integration with CAN Bus
  • CAN Bus Gateways
  • CAN Bus Fiber Optics
  • CAN Bus Digital & Analog I/O
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Connecting PCs to CAN

Interfaces & adapters for integrating CAN bus systems with PCs running Windows or Linux.

CAN Networking

Gateways, repeaters, and routers provide options for interconnecting CAN network resources.

CAN I/O Interfacing

Interface CAN Bus systems with the outside world. The CIO interface module provides a variety of analog and digital I/O capabilities.

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