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CAN Bus Repeater Products

CAN Network Infrastructure

CAN repeaters are transceiver based devices that allow CAN networks to be extended by regenerating the CAN bus signals. They are particularly useful in establishing more advanced network topologies, stub-lines and stars being examples, with a view to increasing flexibility and reducing the size and cost of a CAN system.

CTrans OL Fiberoptic Repeater

CAN Bus Fiber Optic Transceiver - CTrans-OL

The CTrans OL acts as a transceiver for protocol transparent transmission of CAN signals between copper based sections via an optical fibre.

Several technical improvements can be obtained by optical transmission of CAN signals, such as secure separation of high voltages and insensitivity to electromagnetic perturbation.

Capabilities include:

  • Error Suppression
  • Galvanic Isolation
  • Rail Mounting
  • Fiber length up to 1km
  • DSub-9 plugs (copper)
  • ST connectors (fiber)

CAN bus requirements beyond Repeaters?

The above CAN bus Repeater is complemented by an extensive range of PC Interfaces, gateways, fiberoptic, and distributed I/O interface products, providing the systems developer with a comprehensive toolkit for implementing a diverse range of CAN bus system implementations.