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EtherCAT Network Infrastructure

Traquair offers EtherCAT software and tools in partnership with port GmbH:

EtherCAT Protocl Stack

port EtherCAT  

The port EtherCAT Protocol Stack provides all required services for a compliant communication according to the EtherCAT Standard IEC61158. It facilitates easy and fast development of EtherCAT Slave devices. The functional range can be extended by additional modules. Access to the hardware is carried out via a hardware abstraction layer. These drivers are available for selected hardware.

EtherCAT Protocol Library datasheet (pdf)

EtherCAT Design Tool

port EtherCAT  

The EtherCAT Design Tool is a tool for the rapid and cost-saving development of EtherCAT applications (devices). It administers device databases, from which an object dictionary and an initialization function in C-code, an Electronic Data Sheet and the documentation are produced automatically. Furthermore it simplifies the configuration of the EtherCAT Protocol Stack and of the EtherCAT Driver Packages.

EtherCAT Design Tool datasheet (pdf)

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