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Traquair Partners

Traquair works closely with with the following companies, providing off-the-shelf products for developers of real-time systems, as well aservices encompassing software and hardware development, and system integration:

D.SignT GmbH & Co. KG

Marktstr. 10,
47647 Kerken, Germany


D.SignT was founded in 1998 in Kerken, Germany, with a corporate goal of providing off-the-shelf solutions for high-end, standalone DSP systems, particularly for industrial applications - a market requiring reliable, easy to maintain, and long-term available solutions.

Their most recent products are the D.Module2 family of cutting-edge, ultrahigh performance DSP boards. These products are in use worldwide in demanding applications like material inspection, automation, robotics, machine vision, and high-end measurement systems.

Based on this proven technology D.SignT also offers custom designs which integrate additional peripherals or application specific interfaces, and reduce overall system costs.

D.SignT products are fabricated in Germany using highest quality and environment-friendly manufacturing processes.

EMS Dr. Thomas Wünsche e.K.

Sonnenhang 3,
85304 Ilmmmünster, Germany

Since 1993 EMS Dr. Thomas Wünsche has developed solutions for CAN based automation and has equipped projects around the world. Its extensive range of CAN bus products include PC interfaces, repeaters, routers, gateways and also fiber optic products. More recently products confirming to the SafetyBUS p standard have been introduced.

In addition to the supply of these CAN related products EMS Dr. Thomas Wünsche offers the service of analyzing and optimizing existing network structures. The knowledge of specific network problems gathered through this process has often led to the development of new products. These products can be adapted versions of existing products with specific modifications like high voltage usage or customer specific software. If the problem requires a different approach EMS Dr. Thomas Wünsche can create a new product in cooperation with the customer.

For the last 20 years EMS Dr. Thomas Wünsche has always set its focus on understanding the customers needs to find the best suitable solution. With its very flexible production process also small volumes can be handled fast and with reasonable costs. The trademark of the company always was and still is its aim to establish a fair and long lasting partnership with its customers.

emotas embedded communication GmbH

Fritz-Haber-Straße 9,
06217 Merseburg, Germany

emotas logo

emotas GmbH is an embedded software development company, and developer of products for industrial communication. The main focus of the emotas product portfolio is with CAN, J1939, CANopen, EnergyBus and EtherCAT.

emotas believe in offering customers a reliable partnership and offering the highest quality software and best service. Products and embedded software solutions can be tailored to customers’ specific requirements. Services also extend to include consulting for development and integration, as well as software maintenance and training for CANopen and EtherCAT. They also particicipate in the standardizing boards of CiA and ETG.

Engicam s.r.l.

50018 Via dei Pratoni, 16
Scandicci, Firenze, Italy

Engicam is an Italian company based at Firenze (Florence) in Scandicci, entirely managed by the owners. It was founded in 2004 with the aim of providing design services of electronic systems with high content of technology, relying on a long experience in electronic design. The philosophy of Engicam is to assist its customers throughout the development process, and during the integration of the final system. Engicam provides both high-level hardware, the software support, from product development to mass production.

Considering customers as partners, Engicam has developed successful collaborations with major national companies in consumer, automotive, marine and railway fields, and with small and medium companies operating in niche industrial markets. The continued investment in its products allows Engicam to provide and develop more and more powerful and efficient platforms.

Starting from 2008, in order to simplify the development of innovative and advanced products, Engicam has developed a variety of CPU modules, based on latest generation of NXP processors. The established partnership with NXP enables Engicam to make available to its customers the latest technologies and platforms on the market.

Orsys GmbH

Am Stadtgraben 25,
D-88677 Markdorf, Germany

With its foundation in 1993, Orsys is an established and leading developer of DSP and IEEE1394 hardware solutions for industrial and commercial OEM applications.

Its micro-line product family provides OEM developers with feature rich DSP boards for embedded applications, and boasts a legacy from early TMS320C3x based DSP technology, to today's high performance TMS320C6000 DSP processors from Texas Instruments. IEEE 1394 is a standard option for micro-line embedded DSP systems, and a founding capability for the ultra-compact series of surface mount (SMT) multichip modules (MCMs).

The Orsys philosophy is to provide OEM customers with long-term outsource solutions, high quality designs, products that are manufactured to the highest standards, and costs that are minimized through the use of volume production and economies of scale. ISO9001:2000 accredited production is used as standard for the micro-line and ultra-compact DSP products.

Traquair has distributed Orsys products in North America since 2001.

port industrial automation GmbH

Regensburger Straße 7b,
D-06132 Halle/Saale, Germany

Port logo

port industrial automation GmbH was founded in May 1990 as an independent company in Halle/Saale, Germany, and offers products and engineering services in the area of industrial communications, including CAN, CANopen, PROFINET, Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT and Ethernet POWERLINK.

Port also develops customized fieldbus-oriented solutions to accomodate customer specific requirements. Services include consulting (for fieldbus solutions) and on-site implementation of embedded systems.

Port's ambition is not only to offer products but to deliver the right support for handling, application engineering and implementation. To achieve their ambition they offer engineering services, training and assistance for initial operation.