D.Module2.Base-P carrier board – adds Pmod & SDcard I/O options for D.Module2 DSP boards

The FMC slot allows rapid prototyping of high-speed data acquisition systems with FPGA and DSP processing. A variety of high-speed data converter boards and specialized functions like SDR frontends are available as FMC mezzanine cards.

  • Euro-card 160 x 100mm
  • 1000Base-T RJ45 Ethernet jack
  • USB Typ B connector
  • Cable-PCI/e connector
  • Pushbuttons for Reset and Setup
  • Power supply LEDs
  • D.Module2 slot for DSP, FPGA and peripheral boards
  • Vita.57 compliant FMC slot for a LPC FMC mezzanine card
  • Jack and terminal connectors for power supply
  • programmable onboard power supply for D.Module and FMC card
D.Base2FMC Module Carrier Board
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