Digital Signal Processing

Select from a range of leading edge and established DSP products, providing highly integrated solutions for embedded digital signal processing and multi-function data acquisition applications.

DModule2 DSP, FPGA, and Analog I/O Module Stack
DSP & FPGA Modules

The D.Module product family provides developers with access to high performance single and multi-core DSP processors from Texas Instruments, as well as optional use of high-density Xilinx FPGAs, high bandwidth industry-standard communications (e.g. Gigabit Ethernet), and extensive peripheral and I/O capabilities for commercial and industrial applications.

micro-line TMS320C6713 DSP/FPGA modules
TMS320C6713 DSP/FPGA modules

micro-line DSP/FPGA modules provide a combination of DSP with a Xilinx FPGA, and optional support for 1394a FireWire.

ultra-compact multi-chip modules
multi-chip modules

ultra-compact multi-chip modules can be utilized just like embedded DSP boards, with a user programmable DSP and FPGA, or as a ready to use IEEE 1394a FireWire interface. They are provided in an exceptionally small 30x36mm 116-pin surface mount PLCC package format, making them ideal for lightweight or space constrained applications.

UniDAQ Multi-Function Data Acquisition Platform
multifunction data acquisition

UniDAQ is a versatile board level data acquisition and processing system, optimized for higher channel count applications. It combines analog interfaces, signal processing, memories, safety features, power supplies, and communication ports on a single, easy to integrate board.

Capabilities include:

  • A high performance floating point DSP for local data processing, enabling completely self-contained operation or relieving a host computer from real-time tasks
  • High-resolution data converters for acoustic and vibration measurements, or low-latency SAR (successive approximation) converters for control loops
  • An expansion port providing interfaces for a variety of applications, such as mass storage for data logging, industrial real-time network controllers, GPIO, FPGA, display and touch screen for handheld devices and more
  • Manifold mounting options from rack-mount systems to handheld devices
  • Isolation barrier between analog and digital domain for robustness
  • USB and Ethernet connectivity
  • USB firmware for in-site updates and diagnosis
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