DSP Code Development and Debugging

For code development and debugging of DSP applications, the DSP manufacturers provide highly specialized and optimized tools, typically based on Eclipse. Code development, project management and debugger are integrated in an IDE. The Eclipse framework handles packet management and updates.

Different licensing options are available, tailored to the number of developers involved in the project: from node-locked licenses for a single developer to server-based floating licenses for large teams.

Texas Instruments DSP Development Tools

Code Composer Studio (CCS) supports the entire portfolio of Texas Instruments processors. CCS contains a highly optimizing C/C++ compiler, editor, project management, code profiler, source-level debugger and many processor-specific add-ons. The SYS/BIOS real-time operating system is seamlessly integrated into CCS with graphical and textual front-ends for configuration and debugging. Sample projects, libraries and CCS configurations files are available for all D.Module DSP boards fitted with a TI DSP.

Code Composer Studio is available for Linux and Windows hosts.

Analog Devices DSP Development Tools

VisualDSP++ is used for the 210xx SHARC family and for TigerSHARC processors. VDSP++ comes with C/C++ compiler, optimizer, profiler, project management, editor and source-level debugger. It also includes the VDK real-time operating system, which is fully integrated into the toolchain.

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