The D.Module.ADDA16 is based on the Analog Devices data converters AD7663 and AD5544. The analog front end digitizes up to 4 differential voltage inputs with 16-bit resolution and a sampling rate up to 250ksps. The four DAC outputs also deliver 16-bit resolution.

This is a legacy product, which is still in full production, however, not recommended for new designs. Please consider the D.Module2.ADDA500K16.

AD Converter4 x AD766316 bit resolution, 250 KSPS
DA Converter1 x AD554416 bit resolution, 2us settling time, 4 channels
Analog Inputs4differential
 full-scale range+/-2.5V
 input impedance200K ohms
Analog Outputs4single-ended
 full scale range+/-2.5V
 Filter2nd order Butterworth
AD Samplingsynchronousprogrammable sampling clock 15.625 to 250KSPS
DSP Interfaceparallel16-bit
Power Supplydigital supply3.3V, 400mA
 analog supply+/-5V, 150mA
Temperature Range 0 – 70°C
Mechanics 85 x 59 mm, overall height: 15mm
ROHS compliant
D.Module.ADDA16-4-4standard module
D.Module.ADDA16-500-2-22 input and output channels, 500KSPS
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