The D.Module2.ADDA8M12 is based on the Texas Instruments data converters THS12082 and DAC7821. The analog front end simultaneously digitizes two single-ended voltage inputs with 12-bit resolution and sampling rates up to 8Msps. The two DAC outputs also deliver 12-bit resolution. Fifo-buffering simplifies the DSP interface. In the D.Module2 family it can be used with a vertically stacking DSP module, or with vertically stacked DSP and FPGA modules.

Key Features

  • simultaneous sampling up to 8MS/s
  • 2 inputs, 2 outputs
  • 12-bit resolution
  • 32-bit parallel DSP interface with fifo
  • low latency
  • input range 1V
D.Module2.ADDA8M12 Analog Interface Module


The D.Module2.ADDA8M12 is suited for data acquisition in non-destructive material inspection systems (based on ultrasonics or eddy-current), as well as IF (intermediate frequency) subsampling in radio and radar equippment. The short acquisition time also makes the ADDA8M12 a good choice for fast control loops and servo-positioning systems requiring minimum latency.

AD Converter2 x THS1208212 bit resolution, 8 MSPS
DA Converter2 x DAC782112 bit resolution, 200ns settling time
Analog Inputs2single-ended
 full-scale range+/-1V
 bandwidth30 MHz
 input impedance50 ohms
Analog Outputs2single-ended
 full scale range+/-1V
 output impedance50 ohms
AD Samplingsimultaneous samplingprogrammable sampling clock: 1,2,4, or 8MHz internal, triggered by DSP timer, or externally supplied conversion start
DA Updates synchronized to AD sampling, triggered by DSP timer, or transparent mode
DSP Interfaceparallel32-bit data bus, 4 jumper-selectable base addressess, 2 programmable interrupts
Power Supplydigital supply3.3V
 analog supply+/-5V
Temperature Range 0 – 70°C
ConnectorsBUS1, BUS2, COM, EXPbottom side: Molex 71436-2164, top side: 71439-0164
 Analog IOSMA or 2-pin connectors, 2.54mm (0.1″) pin spacing
Mechanics 86.8 x 58.4 mm, overall height: 15mm, stacked height: 11mm
ROHS compliant
Compatibility D.Module2.DM642
not compatible with D.Module2.C6657 !
D.Module2.ADDA8M12standard module
DS.ADDA8M12software development package including sample programs
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