C6713Compact-2 DSP/FPGA Board with FireWire

The micro-line C6713Compact-2 replaces the highly successful C6713Compact, providing the same capabilities, but with a more current and capable Spartan-6 FPGA.

The C6713Compact-2 offers a flexible DSP/FPGA single board solution for developers requiring integrated DSP, FPGA, and FireWire resources. It can be used as a stand-alone system, or as a mezzanine daughtercard embedded within a larger system or board design.

micro-line C6713Compact-2

The design incorporates a high performance TMS320C6713 floating-point DSP Processor, a Spartan-6 FPGA, IEEE 1394 FireWire communications interface, up to 64MBytes of SDRAM, and 8MBytes of FLASH ROM.

In situations where additional functionality is required, developers can extend the capabilities of the C6713Compact-2 with their own application-specific hardware. External hardware is easily interfaced with the TMS320C6713 processor or connected directly to the Spartan-6 FPGA.

Key Features

  • 300MHz TMS320C6713 floating point DSP Processor
    – Maximum performance of 2400 MIPS or 1800 MFLOPS
  • LX45, LX75, LX100, or LX150 Complexity Spartan-6 FPGA
    – requires optional VHDL FPGA Development Package
    – up to 160 (VHDL configurable) digital I/O pins
  • 400 MBit/s IEEE 1394 FireWire interface
    – requires optional 1394a API Software Library
  • 64MBytes of 100 MHz SDRAM
  • 8 MByte Boot Program Flash EPROM
    – stores separate user-application boot code for on-board DSP and FPGA
    – can be used by DSP for non-volatile data file storage and access
    – data files can be accessed by PC when connected via board’s serial RS-232 port and using provided PC side Flash Filesystem utility software
  • Onboard watchdog and temperature sensor
  • External access to TMS320C6713 DSP I/O interfaces: 32-bit EMIF, XF0/1 flag pins, Timer input pins, Timer output pins, McASP & McBSP ports, I2C, and Host Port interface.
  • Board dimensions 120 x 67 mm

The micro-line power supply functions as a base for a micro-line stack of DSP, data acquisition and I/O boards. It delivers power to the micro-line stack and provides additional services such as RS-232 communications connector, a reset button and a power-on indicator. OEM developers may wish to mount the micro-line stack on their own hardware.

Interfacing Options

A rich suite of peripheral & I/O options are provided for interfacing with micro-line DSP boards. These include serial and parallel digital I/O, 400MBit/sec IEEE 1394 FireWire communications, and direct access to the micro-line bus for memory mapped peripheral hardware design and integration.

Networking & Connectivity

The on-board FireWire interface facilitates C6713Compact-2 integration with other embedded DSP resources, cameras, sensors, and host computers. FireWire provides guaranteed bandwidth for mission critical applications, live connect/disconnect, and many other impressing features.

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