C6713Compact DSP/FPGA Board with FireWire

The micro-line C6713Compact is replaced by the C6713Compact-2, providing the same capabilities, but with a more current and capable Spartan-6 FPGA.

micro-line C6713Compact DSP/FPGA Module
micro-line C6713Compact

The design incorporates a high performance TMS320C6713 floating-point DSP Processor, a Virtex-II FPGA, IEEE 1394 FireWire communications interface, up to 64MBytes of SDRAM, and 8MBytes of FLASH ROM.

In situations where additional functionality is required, developers can extend the capabilities of the C6713Compact-2 with their own application-specific hardware. External hardware is easily interfaced with the TMS320C6713 processor or connected directly to the Spartan-6 FPGA.

  • 300MHz TMS320C6713 floating point DSP Processor
    – Maximum performance of 2400 MIPS or 1800 MFLOPS
  • 250k, 500k, or 1MGate Complexity Virtex-II FPGA
    – requires optional VHDL FPGA Development Package
    – up to 160 (VHDL configurable) digital I/O pins
  • 400 MBit/s IEEE 1394 FireWire interface
    – requires optional 1394a API Software Library
  • 64MBytes of 100 MHz SDRAM
  • 8 MByte Boot Program Flash EPROM
    – stores separate user-application boot code for on-board DSP and FPGA
    – can be used by DSP for non-volatile data file storage and access
    – data files can be accessed by PC when connected via board’s serial RS-232 port and using provided PC side Flash Filesystem utility software
  • Onboard watchdog and temperature sensor
  • External access to TMS320C6713 DSP I/O interfaces: 32-bit EMIF, XF0/1 flag pins, Timer input pins, Timer output pins, McASP & McBSP ports, I2C, and Host Port interface.
  • Board dimensions 120 x 67 mm

The micro-line power supply functions as a base for a micro-line stack of DSP, data acquisition and I/O boards. It delivers power to the micro-line stack and provides additional services such as RS-232 communications connector, a reset button and a power-on indicator. OEM developers may wish to mount the micro-line stack on their own hardware.

Interfacing Options

A rich suite of peripheral & I/O options are provided for interfacing with micro-line DSP boards. These include serial and parallel digital I/O, 400MBit/sec IEEE 1394 FireWire communications, and direct access to the micro-line bus for memory mapped peripheral hardware design and integration.

Networking & Connectivity

The on-board FireWire interface facilitates C6713Compact-2 integration with other embedded DSP resources, cameras, sensors, and host computers. FireWire provides guaranteed bandwidth for mission critical applications, live connect/disconnect, and many other impressing features.

Product StatusFirst introduced in 1993, the micro-line family of DSP modules is now legacy and no longer recommended for new designs. TMS320C6713 based modules continue to be available, but please contact Traquair for production status and availability of other (C32, C44, C6x11, and C641x) designs. For our latest DSP & FPGA product options, please visit https://www.traquair.com.

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