ultra-compact multi-chip modules

ultra-compact multi-chip modules are ready-to-use FireWire peripheral interface devices for integrating digital hardware, such as cameras, sensors, and other embedded devices, within a high-performance FireWire networking environment.

ultra-compact multi-chip modules

Implemented as tiny (30x36mm) surface mount PLCC devices, they combine all of the resources necessary to interface and control just about any hardware peripheral. On-board DSP, FPGA, and a wide variety of serial, analog, and configurable digital I/O resources provide the developer with a diverse range of plug & play and software programmable capabilities for IEEE 1394 FireWire connectivity, embedded peripheral control, signal and image processing applications.

ultra-compact Family of Multi-Chip Modules

The ultra-compact family of multi-chip modules allows developers to optimize systems for application needs, as well as cost, flexibility, and overall system performance. Common features include:

  • Data Streaming over FireWire at up to 32MBytes/sec
  • Two 400Mbit/sec IEEE 1394a compliant FireWire Communication Ports (Fully interoperable with IEEE 1394b )
  • Optionally Programmable TMS320C5000 DSP
  • Optionally Programmable Spartan-II or Spartan-3 FPGA
  • Extensive parallel, serial, and customizable hardware interfacing options
  • Tiny 30x36mm 116-pin PLCC form factor


  • TMS320C5509A Integer DSP
  • 50kGate Spartan-II FPGA
  • 8 MBytes RAM
  • Data Streaming Interface
  • 27 Uncommitted FPGA Configurable I/O pins for user I/O
  • RS-232, USB 1.1 , 3 x McBSP, I2C, JTAG
  • integral analog to digital conversion for four analog inputs


  • TMS320C5501or TMS320C5502 Integer DSP
  • 50kGate or 200kGate Spartan-3 FPGA
  • 4 MBytes RAM
  • 21 Reconfigurable FPGA I/O Pins for Data Streaming Interface or user I/O
  • RS-232, 2 x McBSP, I2C, JTAG

Product Status: Available since 2003, the ultra-compact family of multi-chip modules is now legacy and no longer recommended for new designs. Please contact Traquair for production status and availability. For our latest DSP & FPGA product options, please visit the Traquair home page.

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