Dual Channel 25MSPS 16-bit A/D for D.Module2 DSP/FPGA Systems

The AD25M16 adds 25MSPS of dual-channel 16-bit ADC for D.Module2 based embedded DSP/FPGA systems:

D.Module2.AD25M16 25MSPS 2-ch 16-bit A/D Module
  • 2ch 16-bit A/D, 25MSPS (simultaneous)
  • I & Q differential analog inputs
  • Internal or external sampling clock
  • Time-stamping and sampling frequency locking with external PPS reference pulse
  • Synchronous parallel data ports, I²C control interface
  • 200 MHz analog input bandwidth supports subsampling applications
DModule2 DSP, FPGA, and Analog I/O Module Stack
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