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D.Module2.Base-P (preliminary data)

Evaluation & Prototyping Base Board with Pmod™ Peripheral Interface

This base board is intended for D.Module2 evaluation and rapid prototyping, and accepts DSP, FPGA, and Analog-I/O board stacks.

Pmod™ connectors are used to connect low I/O pin count peripherals to the DSP board. By using Pmod peripherals (available from Digilent, Analog Devices, Maxim, and others), the DSP system is easily expanded with a display, keyboard, WiFi, low sampling rate A/D and D/A converters, etc.

Product Features

  • 100x100mm base board for D.Module2 evaluation, accepts DSP, FPGA, and Analog-I/O board stacks
  • 3.3V single supply, +/-5V or +/-15V rails for data acquisition daughter cards generated on-board
  • Ethernet, RS232, USB and SD card Connectors
  • I²C, SPI, and GPIO Pmod™ compatible connectors (Pmod is a Digilent Inc. trademark)
  • Expansion Interface with parallel bus and serial interface signals