System on Module

Software for Engicam SoM CPU Modules

Single File Installation

The Engicam SDK (software development kit) consists of a single file containing the image of a virtual machine of Ubuntu ready to be run by a Virtual Machine player.

Faster Evaluation and Exhaustive Documentation

For a faster evaluation of the standard Engicam platform the binary images are included together all hardware and software documentation for the purchased product.

Ready to use Development Kit

Inside VM are available all the packages needed for the sofware development:

  • The bootloader, the kernel patched for the Engicam platform
  • The toolchain, ready to use for the configuration and the build of each package
  • The complete hardware and software documentation One image builder like ltib or Yocto
  • The QT framework for application software development
  • When supported by the CPU, a multimedia framework

Complete Open Source Solution

All the source code are available inside the VM. Most of the common packages are already included in the BSP and ready to be compiled and used without effort.

Full Environment, OS Configuration, and Application Developing

The toolchain can be used to configure and build the booloader, the kernel and every package in the filesystem. QT framework can be used to develop applications and graphic interface, while gstreamer semplify the multimedia application development.

BSP Summary Table
Yocto BSP LTIB BSP QT GStreamer Linux MQX
GEA M6428 Yes 4.8 2.6.35
GEA M6425 4.7 2.6.31
CHIMERA Yes 4.8 3.0.35 4.0
I.CORE M51 Yes 4.7 Yes 2.6.31
I.CORE M53 Yes 4.8 Yes 2.6.35
I.CORE M6 Yes Yes 5.2 Yes 3.10.17 4.1
I.CORE M6SX Yes 5.2 Yes 3.10.17 4.1