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System on Module

SoM Solutions for Industrial & Consumer Markets

SoM & Open Frame

Engicam CPU modules address the needs of a broad range of markets - from industrial to automotive, from marine to railway, and to the consumer as well. They utilize NXP processors and are supported by a rich ecosystem of carrier boards, open frames, starter kits, and development tools.


Most Engicam modules are available in SODIMM format and are compatible with each other in order to have a complete scalability. This feature makes Engicam's modules extremely flexible and allows the customer to develop different products, with different performance and cost-optimized, using the same carrier board.


Standard Modules

Engicam, as member of SGET consortium can offer in its portfolio standard modules based on Qseven and SMARC pinout.

micro SoM

Engicam GEA M6UL

High Level Support

The well-known support offered during the product development stages, makes Engicam modules winning for the realization of technologically advanced and robust products with low investment in terms of time and costs; in addition, the complete scalability allows with minimal efforts, to always have products updated to the latest market technology.

Longevity and Long Term Production

Thanks to NXP longevity program, all Engicam modules have guaranteed long term production availability


Engicam SoM are proven in hundreds of different applications under extremely hard thermal and mechanical operating conditions.