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CANopen TCP/IP Gateway (CiA 309-3) on EtherCAN CI-ARM9

CAN / CANopen Network Infrastructure

The EtherCAN CI-ARM9 Ethernet to CAN Gateway is available with CANopen TCP/IP 309-3 Gateway software by emotas for providing remote access to CAN based CANopen resources via TCP/IP per the CiA 309-3 specification. The EtherCAN CI-ARM9 Ethernet to CAN gateway is ideally suited to use with the CANopen TCP/IP CiA 309-3 gateway software, with Ethernet Interface, and a powerful 454MHz Freescale ARM9 CPU.

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CANopen Device Monitor

The CANopen component of the gateway utilizes the emotas CANopen Master Stack. Optionally, the gateway can be extended to accomodate specific needs. Please contact Traquair to discuss requirements.

CANopen Device Monitor

CANopen Services

CANopen services according to CiA309-3 specification are supported:

  • SDO Client (data types from 8 ..32 bit, strings and domains)
  • NMT commands
  • PDO Producer
  • PDO Consumer
  • Node Guarding Master
  • Heartbeat Consumer
  • Heartbeat Producer
  • Emergency Consumer

Further CiA309-3 commands for the configuration of the gateway are also available.

Looking for something else?

PC versions of the emotas 309-3 Gateway are also available for Windows and Linux based PCs using our PCI Express and USB interface produducts. Learn more...

Otherwise, If you don't see what you're looking for, please contact us and we'll be happy to discuss your requirements and advise on the most appropriate off the shelf or custom solutions.