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Design & Monitoring Tools for CAN and CANopen


proCANtool encompases a range of monitoring and design tools for CAN and CANopen:

CANopen Design & Monitoring Tools

port CANopen Design Flow

proCANtool CANopen Library

The port proCANtool CANopen Library offers all services needed to implement CANopen communication, as outlined in the communication profile DS-301 v4.x. It allows an easy and fast way to develop master and slave devices and can handle one or more CAN lines in a particular device. The CANopen Library is available in the following versions:

  • proCANtool Source-Library Slave small
  • proCANtool Source-Library Slave
  • proCANtool Source-Library Master/Slave
  • proCANtool Source-Library Slave - Multiline
  • proCANtool Source-Library Master/Slave - Multiline

proCANtool CANopen Library Extensions

A range of library extensions are optionally available for extesting device functionality, all of which are available in ANSI-C source code and can be used with all versions of the port proCANtool CANopen Library:

  • CiA 301 - SDO Block Transfer
  • CiA 301A - Multiplexed PDO’s
  • CiA 302 - Flying Master
  • CiA 302 - CANopen Redundancy Support
  • CiA 302 - SDO Manager/ SDO Requesting Devices
  • CiA 303 - LED Module CANopen Indicator
  • CiA 304 - Safety-Relevant Communication
  • CiA 305 - LSS Layer Setting Services
  • CiA 401 - Generic I/O Modules
  • CiA 402 - Drives Support

proCANtool CANopen Design Tool

The port proCANtool CANopen Design tool aids in development of CANopen devices. It administrates device databases out of which an object dictionary in C code, an electronic data sheet (EDS) and documentation are generated.

proCANtool CANopen Design Tool

proCANtool CANopen Device Monitor

The port proCANtool CANopen Device monitor serves for graphical inspection and configuration of devices in a CANopen network. The built in script capability supports access to the implemented CANopen services as well as the realization of test and control applications with minimal effort. The information about the object dictionary structure is taken from the EDS file of the device.

proCANtool CANopen Monitor