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2-Channel 12-bit 8MSPS A/D & D/A

The D.Module2.ADDA8M12 is an A/D, D/A converter daughter card for the D.Module2 family of DSP Computer Modules. Main application areas include ultrasonic and eddy current analysis, radar processing, and communications.

The extremely short conversion time also makes this module ideally suited for control loops requiring minimum latency

The design incorportes two THS12082 converters with programmable 16-level FIFOs. The FIFOs simplify interfacing and relax timing constraints. The wide input bandwidth allows to use the ADDA8M12 in subsampling application like I/F sampling in communications equippment. The D/A section uses two DAC7821 converters, followed by an output stage capable of driving 50Ω loads.

For OEM systems the SMA input and output connectors can be removed and replaced by 2.54mm pitch board-to-board connectors. The support software contains ready-to-use code examples for DMA-based data acquisition and processing.

D.Module2.ADDA8M12 A/D & D/A module

Product Features

A/D Converter 2 THS12082 12 bit resolution, 8MSPS, 16-level Fifo
D/A Converter 2 DAC7821 12 bit resolution, 200ns settling time
Inputs 2 single-ended, +/-1Vpk full-scale input range
50Ω input impedance, SMA connector
DC-coupled, 30MHz bandwidth
Outputs 2 single-ended, +/-1Vpk full-scale input range
50Ω output impedance, SMA connector
A/D Sampling both channels simultaneous internal (programmable 1,2,4, or 8MHz),
DSP Timer, or external sampling frequency (0 to 8 MHz)
D/A Updates both channels simultaneous synchronized to ADC, driven by DSP Timer, or transparent (immediate update on write to DAC)
DSP Interface parallel 32-bit interface, four selectable base addresses
Power Supply 3.3V for bus interface
+/-5V for analog and clock circuits
Mechanics 87 x 58 x 15 mm self-stacking design, board-spacing 10mm
IEEE-1386 high-density connectors
RoHS conformity yes