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Evaluation & Prototyping Base Board for the D.Module2 Family with FMC Site

This base board is intended for evaluation and rapid prototyping with all D.Module2 DSP boards in conjunction with a D.Module2 FPGA peripheral board.
All peripheral signals are available on connectors and headers.

A LPC FMC site allows to connect industry standard FMC mezzanine boards, e.g. high-speed A/D and D/A converter boards,connectors and headers.


Product Features

Size Euro Card 160 x 100 mm
Connectors Power Supply 12V DC Jack and Terminal Blocks
on-board 6A 3.3V DC/DC converter and programmable 1.8A VADJ DC/DC converter for FMC supply
Ethernet 1000Base-T / 100Base-Tx RJ45 (8P8C) female
USB Type-B connector
RS232 10-pin header
FMC-LPC Vita 57 compliant, 68 single-ended / 34 LVDS pairs
LA[33:00], CLK[1:0]_M2C, DP0 Gigabit Link, I2C, JTAG (accessible on patch area)
PCI/e 1-lane cable connector, Molex 74960-3018
PRGIO and EXP-Bus signals accessible on patch area
D.Module2 site one site to mount D.Module2 DSP and FPGA boards (stacked)
Test Pins 2 connected to DSP/FPGA GPIO
Push Buttons 2 Reset, Setup-Mode
LEDs 2 power 12V and 3.3V
RoHS conformity yes