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Evaluation & Prototyping Base Board for the D.Module2 Family

This base board is intended for evaluation and rapid prototyping with all D.Module2 DSP and Peripheral boards. All peripheral and most external bus signals are available on connectors and headers.

Equipped with a 96-pin DIN 41612 connector, the board can also be used in 19" 3HE systems as a carrier board and connected to a backplane.


D.Module2 DSP and Peripherals boards can be stacked on the D.Module2 site, older D.Module peripheral boards can be connected via the SON.DM-DM2 adapter card. A DC/DC converter plugin-board is available to generate a +/-5V supply for analog data acquitision boards from the 3.3V DSP supply.

Product Features

Size Euro Card 160 x 100 mm
Connectors Power Supply 3.3V DC Jack and Terminal Blocks for Digital Supply
Terminal Blocks for +AVCC, AGND, -AVCC Analog Supply
(a DC/DC converter plug-in board to generate +/-5V analog supply from a 3.3V source is available)
Ethernet 100Base-Tx RJ45 (8P8C) female
USB Type-B connector
RS232 9-pin D-SUB female for UART 1
10-pin header for UART 2
VG 96-pin Option to mount a DIN 41612 (VG 96-pin) connector. The following signals are accessible on this connector:
16-bit data bus, 10-bit address bus, read and write strobes, two chip select lines, bus clock, two synchronous serial ports (McBSP / SPORT), two interrupt inputs, two GPIO lines, power supply
PRGIO Option to mount a 20-pin header to access the PRGIO signals
Prototyping Area 2.54mm pitch 26 x 19 pads
D.Module2 site one site to mount a D.Module2 DSP board and optionally stacked peripheral boards
Test Pins 5 2 x GPIO, 2 x Input, 1 x LED
Push Buttons 2 Reset, Setup-Mode
LEDs 2 power and testpin
RoHS conformity