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CAN Bus Monitoring & Analysis

The emotas CANinterpreter is a versatile CAN Analyzer PC software tool for monitoring and recording of data traffic in CAN networks and its analysis according to proprietary or standardized higher-layer protocols. It is used in conjunction with a supported PC CAN bus adapter or Interface.


You can purchase CANinterpreter together with an EMS. Dr. Thomas Wuensche CPC-USB/ARM7 or CPC-USB/embedded USB CAN Bus Adapter here when the "Buy Now" button is visible:

For PCI Express, Ethernet interfacing and other requirements, please contact us with your CANinerpreter purchase requirements and we will be happy to help you in-person.


For in-person sales and technical assistance, please contact us.

Product Features

  • Online monitoring of bus traffic
  • Interpretation of CAN data according to user’s specifications
  • Recording of CAN messages
  • Flexible CAN-ID specific filtering
  • Single or cyclic sending of CAN messages/sequences
  • Extension of functions by PlugIns

Download free demo version via the Traquair eStore.

Please contact Traquair for purchasing and in-person assistance.


CANopen Device Monitor

Plugins to Extend Functionality

CANinterpreter functionality is optionally extended with the use of available PlugIns, which can also be developed and provided to address customer specific requirements. Examples of use include utilization as service tool or as diagnostic tool for devices or plants.


QtScript/JavaScript based scripting, extended with CAN and CANopen specific commands. By means of the plugIn it is possible to create user interfaces for example for test- or control applications. They are designed with a free UI designer.

CANopen Interpretation

Interprets all CAN messages according to the CANopen specification. For example, instead of “40 17 10 00” the content is interpreted as a SDO read access to the Heartbeat producer object(0x1017). The traffic can be filtered by CANopen service and node-ID and also the contains of PDOs can be displayed according to their mapping.

Need more extensive CANopen Master capabilities? CANinterpreter functionality is included in the CANopen DeviceExplorer


Monitors the data traffic of EnergyBus networks and displays the state and process data of all EnergyBus components.

System requirements

  • Microsoft Windows XP/SP3, VistaSP2, Windows7, 8
  • Diverse Linux-variants (tested with Ubuntu 11.10, OpenSuse)
  • Supported CAN-Interface

Supported PC CAN Bus Adapters & Interfaces

  • CPC-PCIe PCI Express CAN Bus interface (Windows & Linux Supported)
  • CPC-USB USB CAN Bus interface (Windows & Linux Supported)
  • CPC-USB/embedded USB Can Bus interface (Windows & Linux Supported)
  • EtherCAN CI-ARM9 Ethernet to CAN Bus gateway (Windows Supported)

Scope of delivery/Licensing

  • CANopen DeviceExplorer software for download
  • Single-user-license (Named User License or Node Locked License)

    Named User License: A Named User License is valid for a named individual. This individual is allowed to use the tool on any PC. The name of the individual is always visible in the status bar of the tools. The license is perpetual for the licensed version of the tool. In justified cases it is possible to transfer the named user license to another individual for a fee. Please contact us for details.

    Node-Locked License: A node locked license is only valid for a single computer and it is tied to its MAC address. The tool may be used by multiple users at this single computer. A usage within virtual machines is not allowed, but access to the computer using a remote desktop connection is allowed. In justified cases it is possible to transfer the node-locked license to another computer for a fee. Please contact us for details.