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emotas CANopen Tool Chain & Stack

CAN / CANopen Network Infrastructure

emotas CAN and CANopen products are ideal complementary options for use with the our extenstive range of EMS Dr. Thomas Wünsche CAN (PC Adapter, Bridge / Gateway, Ethernet, and Fiberoptic) products, for implementing combined system solutions.

 CANopen Design Flow

CAN Tools & Software Resources

The emotas CANinterpreter is a versatile CAN Analyzer PC software tool for monitoring and recording of data traffic in CAN networks and its analysis according to proprietary or standardized higher-layer protocols. CANinterpreter functionality is opitonally extended with the use of available PlugIns for Scripting, CANopen interpretation, and Energybus, which can also be developed and provided to address customer specific requirements.Examples of use inlcude utilization as service tool or as diagnostic tool for devices or plans.Learn more...


Need CAN Master capability? CANinerpreter functionality is included in the emotas CANopen DeviceExplorer (see listing below).
CAN MultiProtocol Stack

The CAN MultiProtocol Stack supports various CAN based protocols in one devices. Based on the uniform CAN driver API and the universal CAN Queue Implementation the CAN MultiProtocol Stack supports CANopen, EnergyBus, SAE J1939 und proprietary protocols in one application. Especially gateways between various protocols can be implemented in a fast and straight-forward way. Learn more...


CANopen Slave Stack Source Code

The CANopen Slave Stack Basic of emotas is a software library that provides all communication services according to the CANopen communication profile CiA301 V4.2.

CANopen Slave Stack Source Code

CANopen NetworkDesigner

The CANopen NetworkDesigner by emotas allows for the design a complete CANopen network including all devices and communication relationships. The source code for all components is generated automatically by the tool.

CANopen NetworkDesigner

CANopen Master/Slave Stack

The CANopen Master/Slave Stack is a software library that provides all communication services according to communication profile CiA301, v4.2 and master features according to CiA302-2. The stack is written in ANSI-C and it is MISRA conformant. Learn more...

CANopen Slave Stack Source Code

CANopen Bootloader

An increasing number of CANopen devices need bootloaders to update firmware in the field. The use of a complete CANopen stack for the bootloader is mostly unsuitable, because of the large flash memory footprint.

CANopen Bootloader

CANopen DeviceExplorer

The CANopen DeviceExplorer is a versatile tool for development, testing, diagnostics and service tasks. It is used in conjunction with a CAN PC interface and provides CANopen master functionalities and allows the analysis and configuration of CANopen devices. Learn more...

CANopen Device Explorer

CANopen DeviceDesigner

The CANopen DeviceDesigner is an easy-to-use tool for fast and cost-saving design of CANopen devices. With a few mouse clicks the object dictionary of the device can be created on the basis of predefined profiles.

CANopen DeviceDesigner

CANopen UpdateManager

The CANopen UpdateManager is an easy to handle tool designed for firmware downloads. Apart from direct firmware downloads it offers the opportunity to put firmware files for all devices of a network together, add the configuration data and and create an update package.

CANopen Update Manager

CANopen-TCP/IP-Gateway (CiA 309-3)

The CiA 309-3 gateway is a universal TCP / IP CANopen gateway according to CiA specification 309-3. It is available as a binary versions for Linux or Windows. In addition, the gateway is also available in source code for porting to platforms with CAN interface and a TCP/IP stack with BSD sockets. The CANopen component of the gateway consists of the proven CANopen master stack from emotas. Learn more...

CANopen TCP/IP Gateway
CANopen-Modbus/TCP-Gateway (CiA309-2)

The CiA309-2 gateway is a universal Modbus/TCP-CANopen gateway according to CiA 309-2 specification. It is available as binary version for Linux. It can be used with every Linux using a can4linux or SocketCAN CAN interface. The gateway is also available as source code. Learn more...

CANopen Modbus TCP Gateway