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micro-line (Legacy *)

micro-line PS PowerSupply Board

* Legacy Product: Established product with extended availability for our long-term commercial customers, but not recommended for new designs. Please visit our home page for the latest active products.

The micro-line PowerSupply functions as a carrier for a micro-line stack of DSP, Data Acquisition and I/O boards.

It delivers power to the micro-line stack and provides additional services such as RS-232 communications connector, a reset button and a power-on indicator.

micro-line PS board

 It is used as a modular component in the micro-line DSP product family, which allows DSP Processor, data acquisition and IEEE 1394 (FireWire) communications modules to be combined and utilized together for use in industrial embedded DSP and FireWire connectivity applications.

Some OEM developers may not need to use the micro-line PowerSupply board. Specifically, if a developers own hardware is capable of accommodating a micro-line stack (DSP board and associated peripheral boards), and is capable of delivering the required power supply options to the stack, the micro-line PowerSupply board should not be required. Please contact Traquair for further details.

Key Hardware Features

  • Universal piggy-back carrier board footprint
  • Various power delivery options to micro-line stack
  • Reset Button & Power-ON LED
  • RS-232 interface (with null-modem cable for PC connection)
  • Board dimensions: 160mm x 100 mm (6.23" x 3.93")