UC1394a-3 (Legacy *)

Multi-Chip Module

* Legacy Product: Available, but Not Recommended for new designs.

The ultra-compact UC1394a-3 is the second in a series of ready-to-use embedded FireWire peripheral interface devices for integrating digital hardware, such as cameras, sensors, and other embedded devices, within a high performance FireWire networking environment. It is implemented as a 116 pin PLCC surface mount multi-chip module, which measures only 30mm x 36mm.


On-board DSP, FPGA and a wide variety of serial and configurable digital I/O resources provide the developer with an extensive range of plug & play and software programmable capabilities for IEEE 1394 FireWire connectivity, embedded peripheral control, and signal processing applications.

Key functional resources within the UC1394a-3 include a TMS320C5501/2 DSP, a Xilinx Spartan-3 50k/200k Gate FPGA, TSB12LV32 Link Layer and TSB41AB2 Physical Layer [IEEE 1394a] controllers. 4MBytes of SDRAM and 512kBytes of FLASH ROM provides program and data storage for the DSP and FPGA.

UC1394a-1 FireWire Interface and DSP Module

Two 400MBit/s IEEE 1394a ports are provided, together with a wide variety of universal interfaces to enable integration with a hardware design. These include a 32MByte/s 16-bit wide plug & play data streaming interface, RS-232, McBSP, I2C, JTAG, and user configurable digital I/O. All of the interfaces are accessed via the PLCC pin connectors.

UC1394a-1 Block Diagram

Key Hardware Features

  • Texas Instruments TSB12LV32 IEEE 1394a Link Layer controller & TSB41AB2 IEEE 1394a Physical Layer controller
  • Texas Instruments TMS320C5501 (or TMS320C5502) DSP Processor
  • Xilinx 50k (or 200kGate) Spartan-3 FPGA
  • 4MBytes of 100MHz SDRAM, and 512kBytes of FLASH ROM.
  • 32MByte/s 16-bit streaming hardware interface with 4kByte FIFO buffering
  • RS-232, McBSP, I2C, JTAG
  • 21 FPGA I/O Pins, usable for the Data Streaming Interface
    or as user configurable I/O
  • Reset Generator & Power Manager for stand-alone embedded operation
  • Real-Time Clock
  • 30mm x 36mm, 116 pin PLCC footprint

UC1394a-3 Development Kits

Parallel Bus to 1394 Bridging EVM-Kit
Utilize the UC1394a-x as a ready-to-use FireWire bridge with your application hardware and stream data at up to 32MBytes/sec. With no embedded software development required, a fully integrated solution can be established in just one day.

Parallel Bus to 1394 Streaming Development EVM-Kit
Stream data across FireWire at up to 32MBytes/sec and have the ability to program the on-board DSP to implement application specific functionality, and the means to fully exploit its extensive I/O capabilities for hardware and system integration.

DCAM Camera Development EVM-Kit
This EVM-kit is for the camera system developer wanting to integrate a digital camera or image sensor with FireWire, and utilized as an IEEE1394 IIDC Version 1.3 Digital Camera Specification compliant device.

DCAM Video Frame Capture Development EVM-Kit
This EVM-kit is the perfect entry platform for embedded video imaging programmers who need to connect an IEEE1394 DCAM camera and develop their specific DSP application software. This allows both the ability to control the camera and to perform individual video processing.

DSP Development EVM-Kit
Targeting embedded DSP applications, this kit allows the UC1394a-x to be utilized as a general purpose embedded DSP resource, and the means to fully exploit its extensive I/O capabilities for hardware and system integration.