CANopen DeviceExplorer Software Tool


A versatile CAN / CANopen (master) software tool for development, testing, diagnostics and service tasks. Allows the analysis and configuration of CANopen devices. Optional plugins to extend functionality.

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The emotas CANopen DeviceExplorer is versatile tool for development, testing, diagnostics and service tasks, and is a component of the emotas CANopen (FD), SAE J1939, and EnergyBus stack and toolchain family of products.

CANopen Device Explorer as component of CANopen Toolchain & Stack

The CANopen DeviceExplorer software tool provides CANopen (FD) master functionalities and allows the analysis and configuration of CANopen devices. Information about each CANopen (FD) device is read from the electronic data sheet of the device or can be scanned directly from the device. Using standardized device configuration files (DCF) device configurations can be saved or imported. Additionally, data of entire CANopen networks can be stored in project files. The built-in scripting capability using QtScript allows users to create their own test and control applications with only little effort.

Main Features

  • CANopen master functionalities like NMT commands, Heartbeat, Node guarding, (U)SDO client, PDO producer and consumer, SYNC producer, emergency consumer
  • Optional LSS master functionality (included with “Full Version” – see below)
  • Saving and importing of device and network configuration
  • Firmware download acc. to CiA 302
  • Optional Scripting PlugIn to create user specific test or service applications (included with “Full Version” – see below)

Object dictionary

Objects of a device are presented in a clearly arranged object browser. Access to each object – according to the access rights – is given for reading and writing. The CANopen DeviceExplorer supports all SDO services. Values of the objects can be displayed decimal, hexadecimal, binary or in ASCII format, depending on the data type. Large data, like domain blocks, can be read directly from – or written to files.

PDO – configuration and visualizing

The CANopen DeviceExplorer supports the simple configuration of the the PDO mapping by drag&drop function. PDOs can be sent, received and visualized with a single click. The SYNC message for sending of cycle PDOs can be sent once or cyclic for the purpose of tests or diagnosis.


The CANopen Device Packages ‘Basic’ and ‘Full’ contain a defined set of plugins. Additional plugins can be licensed separately.

CANopen FD Supportxx
Object Browser|(U)SDO Clientxx
NMT masterxx
PDO configurationxx
PDO visualizationxx
Multi-Data Plotterxx
DCF editorxx
configuration downloadxx
CAN analyzerxx
CAN replayerxx
CANopen Interpreterxx
LSS Masterx
CAN/CANopen Scriptingx
SRDO Configurationx
Process DataLinkerx
J1939 Interpreterx
ISO-TP Interpreterx
EnergyBus Interpreterx
CiA 402 Controlx

CANopen DeviceExplorer can be utilized with any of the following products as well as a range of 3rd party hardware interfaces:

  • CPC-PCIe PCI Express CAN Bus interface (Windows & Linux Supported)
  • CPC-USB/ARM7 USB CAN Bus interface (Windows & Linux Supported)
  • CPC-USB/FD USB CAN & CAN FD Bus interface (Windows & Linux Supported)
  • CPC-USB/embedded USB CAN Bus interface for embedded PCs (Windows & Linux Supported)
  • CPC-USB/FDembedded USB CAN & CAN FD Bus interface for embedded PCs (Windows & Linux Supported)
  • EtherCAN CI-ARM9/RMD Ethernet to CAN Bus gateway (Windows Supported)


Download password required. Please contact us if you would like to download the demo version of CANopen DeviceExplorer.

The full version is enabled using a license file (provided at time of purchase). Without a license file (Demo Mode), the bitrate is fixed to 125 kBit/s and only the CANopen node-IDs 32 and 64 can be used. A 30 day evaluation license for unlimited functionality is also available on request.

If you have a question our would like to discuss requirements:


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