TCP/IP (CiA 309-3) Network Client capability added to CANopen DeviceExplorer.

CANopen DeviceExplorer is a versatile tool for development, testing, diagnostics and service tasks. It provides CANopen master functionalities and allows the analysis and configuration of CANopen devices.

CANopen Device Explorer can now connect via TCP/IP to a CANopen TCP/IP (CiA 309-3) Gateway.

The ability to connect over TCP/IP allows CANopen DeviceExplorer to remotely access CANopen Resources via Ethernet. Using such a connection the majority of the CANopen functions can be used (although Raw CAN view, CANopen interpretation, and any other function depending on raw CAN messages is not supported)

CANopen DeviceExplorer with TCP/IP (CiA 309-3) Network Client Capability

CANopen DeviceExplorer can be used on a Windows or Linux PC, and connect remotely to the CANopen resources, over Ethernet, via the CANopen gateway. The CANopen gateway would connected directly to the CANopen network. For this, there is a choice of Windows or Linux or EtherCAN CI-ARM9, using the CANopen TCP/IP (CIA 309-3) Gateway.

The capability was developed for a Traquair customer underwater application. A CPC-USB/ARM7 with Low Speed CAN transceiver was used to connect the gateway to the CANopen network resources.

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