UniDAQ4 introduced for vibration measurement, acoustics, and machine condition monitoring

UniDAQ is a family of DSP based, programmable and expandable measurement platforms for data acquisition and processing. The UniDAQ4 extends capabilities for vibration measurement, acoustics, and machine condition monitoring applications.

Eight universal inputs support voltage sources, IEPE sensors and microphones, as well as 4-20mA current loops to capture auxiliary process parameters. 24-bit analog-to-digital converters with synchronous sampling up to 256kSps and the robust electrical construction ensure a precise resolution of high dynamic signals. For measurements on rotating machinery, four digital inputs capture revolution speed and angle. Two digital outputs can be configured to generate PWM signals. The number of channels can be increased to 16 with an expansion board. Multiple UniDAQ devices can be operated in synchronized mode.

Leveraging its on-board Ethernet interface, the UniDAQ4 can also be configured, monitored or started remotely via mobile devices. With the SD extension, the UniDAQ can also be used as a data logger, to record vibration data on wind turbines.

UniDAQ4 multi-function data acquisition with remote or mobile acces

The UniDAQ4 also supports add-on daughter cards to implement a fieldbus and industrial network interface or even a man-machine interface to facilitate the integration into an existing production infrastructure.

A web front has also been introduced for the operation, configuration and visualization of the data for both the UniDAQ2 and the UniDAQ4.

UniDAQ4 Web Interface

A full-featured C library supports device configuration, data acquisition and communications as well as drivers for TCP/IP, USB-CDC, USB-TMC and USB-DFU.

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